As a photographer with an outrageous dream to build a children's hospital in the war-torn country of Cambodia, I turned to my colleagues in the art world for help.

Our first "charity auction," which took place at Howard Greenberg Gallery's old location in Soho, offered artworks of various forms. Then, a group of professionals in the field of photography gathered to dedicate their time and helped improve the Friends of Friends Photography Auction. I never imagined that our project would be supported by so many artists and art lovers for so many years.

Many developments took place during those twenty years. It was not unusual to stand in front of a fax machine for days just to send one page of a document or message to Cambodia because of a poor telephone connection before the age of emails. Young doctors and nurses, hired before the opening of Angkor Hospital for Children, have become mothers and fathers, or even grandparents, as well as well-trained and experienced mentors for the next generation of medical professionals. Friends Without A Border, born in a corner of my studio, has become a full-fledged nonprofit organization with supporters around the globe.

Over the years, you have helped more than a million children receive treatment and saved thousands of lives at Angkor Hospital for Children and now at Lao Friends Hospital for Children in Laos. I am so grateful to everybody who made this happen. The 20th anniversary of this event is a great testament to how "Art Can Make a Difference."

Kenro Izu
Founder, Friends Without A Border