Admission, Paddle Number and Catalog

Admission and a paddle number for the auction event, as well as a copy of the printed catalog, are available for a donation of $100.

A donation of $125 will also allow you to participate in the Guided Walk-Through just prior to the event.

Payment by check or cash is preferred. Once you have registered, your copy of the printed catalog will be mailed to you. Please remember to include your email address when you register so that you can receive any important announcements or updates regarding the auction. If you cannot register in advance it is also possible to do so once you arrive on the evening of auction. Our courteous staff at the door will be more than happy to take care of you.

Purchase of a special print by Dan Farber, available for $250, also includes admission to the event, the Guided Walk-Through, a paddle number, and a copy of the printed catalog.

Click below to view the full printed catalog.

Please note that information regarding the bidding procedures for the event have been updated since the printing of the catalog to reflect our new partnership with ARTSY.